Pineapple Cup & Yacht Race In Montego Bay

What is the connection between Pineapple cup and Yacht Race In Montego Bay? The pineapple cup is the name of the award for the winner of yacht race. Every year, thousands racers join the competition. It is surely one of the most prestigious race in Cuba shorelines. Those who wish to join the competition must learn several things, though.

The History
The Pineapple Cup is not something new for the experienced racers. It was back in 1961 that the first Yacht Race held. Since then, the race takes place every other year. With this time line, 2019 will be the 34th edition. Many racers from all over the world are excited to join the competition. No wonder, each year, the winners keep trying to beat the previous winners’ record.

The Requirement
It is an obligation to register before the event, since the committee will not allow on the spot registration. The form could be downloaded from the official website. Make sure to fill the forms and send it back. After the registration, the yacht owners will get access to “owners’ corner”. Go to this page for the race updates about the rules, weather, etc.

The Route
What makes the racers keep coming back is the incredible route. The first stage of the route will take place on the Gulf Stream. It is quite bouncy, but the racers love the waves. For the second stage, the racers will sail across the Bahamas Island from Eastern side then go straight to the tip of Cuba. The last stage is technically a smooth ride; the Windward Passage.

It takes only one day to do the race, but the preparation should be done long before the race. Take a closer look at the documents for Yacht Race In Montego Bay. Taking notes from last year’s champion will also help the racer. Happy yacht racing!

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