Jamaica and its Pineapple Cup 2019

Jamaica and its Pineapple Cup 2019

What first comes to your mind when talking about Jamaica? Surely, reggae music, isn’t it? However, do you know that in Jamaica there is another attraction that you need to know, which is natural beauty that is the best. Starting from the beach to the vast ocean became a reason why you have to come to the country where Bob Marley was born. Jamaica is one of the countries in the Caribbean Islands and has an area of around 10 kilometer square. In addition, it is the second largest island nation in the Caribbean after Cuba. No wonder there are many beautiful beaches with stunning natural scenery.

At present, there are not only many destinations that can be visited in Jamaica. An event is certainly interesting and cannot be missed just like that. This event is the Pineapple Cup 2019. This event is a boat race. Not an ordinary ship, which competes to get a pineapple-shaped trophy, is a cruise ship. Yes, as we know that a cruise ship is a marine vehicle made for the purpose of a cruise. Here, cruises will race to be the fastest and get the champion. Located in Montego Bay, Pineapple cup 2019 must be visited because there are so many interesting here.

It is all started in 1961. Boat racing was held decades ago, where the crew of a race that, in one team, they worked together sailed the ocean for 811 miles and all finished in Montego Bay. The winner of the first boat race was the Baldwind Escapade, chaired by M. Baldwin. At that time, the time taken was 7: 01: 08: 36. However, for the fastest record currently held by Titan 12, chaired by Tom Hill in 2005 with a travel time of 2: 10: 24: 42. Now, for 2019, will there be any new surprises from the 2019 Pineapple cup? Do not miss this precious moment. Witness firsthand this race in Montego Bay.

Speaking of Montego Bay, while enjoying boat racing that has a finish line on this beach, we can also enjoy the beautiful nature of Jamaica that is very interesting. Around Montego Bay, there is the Doctor’s Cave beach. At Doctor’s Cave Beach and Bathing Club, clear-framed white sand, calm water that some people believe is fed by mineral springs. In the early 1920s, a famous British osteopath declared that water had curative power after swimming here, a claim that helped shape the future of Montego Bay by attracting visitors from all over the world. Hotels sprang up along the coast, and the area became a hot tourist spot.

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