Enjoy Jamaica by Watching Pineapple Cup 2019

Enjoy Jamaica by Watching Pineapple Cup 2019

Enjoy Jamaica by Watching Pineapple Cup 2019 – What’s more special than just going on an exclusive vacation to Jamaica? Going to the exclusive vacation while attending a rare event, of course! Truly, if you are in for the festive mood of this country, it’s a waste not to enjoy Jamaica by watching Pineapple Cup 2019!
• No Trip to Jamaica Without Party
It’s hard not to see festivities in the Caribbean, Jamaica included. After all, their cultures are so rich of parties and festivals. For tourists, even normal days will seem somewhat festive, so much that it will seem strange not to see festivities when going to Jamaica.

Speaking of parties, Jamaica has official events that include big parties. One of them is the Pineapple Cup. It’s a biannual event, but it’s so big anyone will agree that the scale of the event is not something you will see every day.

• Why Pineapple Cup Is So Special
Well, it’s only held once every two years. So, for festival hunters, the Pineapple Cup is something quite rare. Besides, it’s not just a festival nor a party. It’s also a serious competition – despite being unpopular, yacht racing is actually a sport with the international audience. So, it will be extra festive around the time of the competition, given that many people around the world, both competitors and spectators, will be there.

Also, the party is extra massive. Pineapple Cup’s closing party is not like any party you will see any day. It will be held right after all competitors finished the race. Before that happens, spectators will flock near the finish line, crowded enough to reveal the party time itself.

Watching Pineapple Cup 2019

• Are You Ready To Party?
Are you interested to see a yacht racing competition or simply in for the party? If you answer yes to either or both questions, then it’s best to book transport and accommodation as soon as possible. After all, Montego Bay will be more crowded than ever. So, it’s a smart move to book way before the event. You can find the information about Montego race.

The event itself starts from January 27th, 2019 until February 2nd,2019. The closing party, obviously, will be held on February 2nd. However, don’t be surprised to see Montego so crowded before the first day of the race!
While the event has been recurring one every two years, we don’t get the time for vacation all the time, especially if you are planning to visit the Caribbean islands. Don’t afford to regret and enjoy Jamaica by watching Pineapple Cup 2019!

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