The Reasons Why You Cannot Miss the Pineapple Cup

The Reasons Why You Cannot Miss the Pineapple Cup

The Pineapple Cup can be defined as one of the most highly anticipated events that you cannot miss when you are in Montego Bay. This amazing annual event will show you the interesting and fun cruise ship race you will not find anywhere else. There are so many big names that had participated in the event for sure. Some of them are like Robert F. Johnson, John Kilroy, Ted Turner, and so many more still. All of them successfully added their names to the history and won the first prize which is the remarkable trophy which was designed and handcrafted in London in 1961. Besides, you actually have some other reasons why you cannot miss this event. Fortunately, it will be nice idea for you to figure them out below.
– The Awesome Distinctive Experiences
One of the various reasons why you cannot miss Pineapple Cup is because it can give you the awesome and distinctive experience mainly if you take a part on the race. In the other words, you can get the fascinating vibe once you have the chance to sail the ocean while trying to be the best among the competitors. Well, the race will start from Miami, Florida by crossing the Gulf Stream to go to the Northwest Providence Channel. Then, you have to sail on the eastern side of Bahamas Island Chains to the tip of Cuba in the middle of the race. After that, there is the 240 miles Windward Passage (the eastern tip of Cuba) to across the finish line in Montego Bay, Jamaica. In addition to this, the 35th Pineapple Cup will be held on January 23rd to 24th, 2021. So, you better prepare yourself and team to join the event as its registration will be available soon. You can actually visit its official website you can find so easily on the internet for more info.

– A Fabulous Entertainment
Furthermore, in case you are not interested enough in participating on the cruise ship race event, you can join the crowds and enjoy it still instead. It must be a very exciting and fabulous entertainment when you can witness the tight race of the boats. Meanwhile, it is so much recommended for you to spend your spare time in that place as there are so many tourist attractions or restaurants. All of them will be the perfect destination that can help you escape from the pressure and stress you have got from your busy days.

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