Montego Bay Race

The Montego Bay Race 2021 were Announced even before the Pandemic, What Now?

The Pineapple Cup race has been a tradition since back in the 1961. Since then, the excitement on the race has never decreased. In fact, there are more and more people who want to join the race, and the winner title keeps turning from one person to another.

Something New Since 2019
A new thing has been introduced since the 2019 race. Instead of using only single line for participants to follow, this race now has two lines for participants to choose. Each line will be started on different point even though the finish line will be the same. This change has been made to make the race even more exciting. With more lines, there will be more and more yachts who can reach the destination approximately the same time. If anything, this brilliant idea has increased the excitement. Since the change, the number of participants increases significantly.

The Announcement on 2021 Race
Shortly after the 2020 race, announcement on the next one has been made. The Pineapple Cup Montego Bay Race will be held in January 2021. The first line will start in January 23 and it is specially for the PHRF. Meanwhile, Multihull and IRC fleets will begin at January 24.

What about the Pandemic?
The sorrowful news is still on the corona pandemic that still occurs across the globe. The announcement has been made a month prior to the global break of the virus. Unluckily, the situation has been better at all. In several countries, the second wave out break happens. If this situation isn’t getting any better by next year, which is highly possible, the race will be probably canceled. The race naturally attracts the crowd, which is prohibited for now during the pandemic.
The Montego Bay Race is a really anticipated event where all people, even those who don’t participate, can enjoy. Especially with the start line is in Miami, things seem to be really fun and entertaining. With possible cancel due to the pandemic, let’s don’t get our hope high yet considering the situation isn’t getting any better.

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