Joining the Pineapple Cup 2019

Joining the Pineapple Cup 2019

Joining the Pineapple Cup 2019 – Pineapple Cup 2019 is a large ship racing event which is certainly interesting to follow. Just being a spectator might be boring. Now, to join in this ship racing competition, of course there are some things that need to be considered before following it. The first is to recognize the route that will be used by the boat race committee. By recognizing the route of the ship racing competition, we will know the weather prediction that will occur at the time of the race. With this we can anticipate what will happen with weather predictions that we can get with today’s sophisticated technology.

Then, to take part in the 2019 Pineapple Cup competition, we must have a solid team. We will be better with a solid team because cooperation is one of the important things in this boat race. That’s right, we can’t manage a large ship by ourselves. With a solid team and competence in their respective fields will have a very good impact on our ship control. Of course, it takes a captain who can control everything well. We can choose our friends who often sail together, this is good for teamwork because we already know the character and character of our friends. But there is no harm in also recruiting other crew members, which of course we can train in advance to increase team cohesiveness.

Then, to take part in this race, we also need energy and a fit body. Before the ship race, the race that will be taken takes days and even weeks. Therefore, before the race starts, we must prepare our physical well. We can do regular physical exercise and also regulate our lifestyle both diet and sleep patterns. With physical excellence, we will be able to face any conditions during the race. Do not forget to prepare a complete logistics because we will need it during the race.

Now, to join the Pineapple Cup 2019, we must register our team first. For registration you can go through the homebet88 website or send an email which later we have to notify the ship and our team in the boat race later. Also not to be missed, the finish line which will be in Montego Bay will give a little enthusiasm because the beaches and tourist attractions that we can visit after the race is over. Just practice hard and keep doing the best to be the winner or even break the record.

Enjoy Pineapple Cup 2019 in Jamaica
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Enjoy Pineapple Cup 2019 in Jamaica

Enjoy Pineapple Cup 2019 in Jamaica – Jamaica is a country located in the waters of the Caribbean which has many fantastic tourist attractions and one of them is Montego Bay which is used as a finish line for a yacht race with the name Pineapple Cup 2019 event. Now, to find out what the process in this race looks like, we can update our info about the race while it is taking place through the website or social media accounts Pineapple Cup 2019 like Instagram and Facebook. To be a spectator, we can wait for the finish line to be passed directly by the participants in Montego Bay. Then while waiting for this race which takes weeks, what can we do in Montego Bay?

Going to visit tourist attractions around Montego Bay seems interesting while filling the time when the race is running. We can go to places close to Montego Bay like Greenwood Great House. Greenwood Great House is located on a hill not far from the highway, this bay was once owned by the family of the famous English poet, Elizabeth Barrett Browning. This house, which is filled with antiques, is more than 200 years old and is one of the largest, well-maintained homes in Jamaica. Official sites like are also sponsors of this racing. This cruise racing is always in the spotlight because it is located in Montego Bay which is famous for its beautiful scenery. During the visit, you can also admire an extensive collection of antique furniture and enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.

In addition, we can also enjoy the exotic beautiful Montego Bay. Using a small boat to circle the waters around the Montego Bay might be able to provide pleasure for us. Enjoying a tropical climate and tropical drinks like Pinna Colada and the like can give us the impression of a vacation too. In addition, what makes me curious to enjoy this race is the moment whether there will be a new record that has not been solved since 2005 or not. We can wait for this with pleasure in Montego Bay.

Prepare Your Team in Pineapple Cup 2019
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Prepare Your Team in Pineapple Cup 2019

The Pineapple Cup 2019 biennial contest will be held soon in Montego Bay, Jamaica. This event is very interesting for yacht lovers and of course, as the host, Montego Bay Yacht Bay has prepared everything. Well, for those of you who have not had the chance to register your team to take part in this competition, immediately register and prepare your team and ship thoroughly to win this Pineapple Cup. Starting in 1961, this cruise ship race is very interesting to watch. Starting from the place of the host, the participants’ ships and the excitement of the race that is not only in a matter of hours.

Then, what needs to be prepared in joining this race? The main thing in preparing for this competition is the team and the ships that will be included in this race. Make sure you register yourself and your team on the official Pineapple Cup 2019 website. After that, special logistical preparations must also be carefully prepared. The committee will provide logistics in accordance with existing standards. Therefore, special logistics for the team must be prepared by themselves. To win this race, excellent physical preparation must also be a concern. The long journey in a race will require healthy physical and mental health.

Now, with an unresolved record from 2005, the 2019 Pineapple Cup is a good moment to break new records. With the preparation of small things and good discipline, this record can be broken. The point is all must be prepared carefully. In addition, preparation to enjoy the beauty of Montego Bay is a bonus in the end. Around Montego Bay, there are some cool and interesting places to visit. As the trophy is made in the shape of a pineapple, this is a place with a very pleasant tropical climate. After the race, we can enjoy the beauty of Montego Bay as a tropical bay of the Caribbean waters that pleases the mind.

The Appeal of Montego Bay Race
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The Appeal of Montego Bay Race

The Appeal of Montego Bay Race – Have you ever heard about Montego Bay Race? People also know this race as the Pineapple cup where many yachts teams competing for one to another to fight over the Pineapple cup. There are many interesting things can you see from one of the oldest yacht races in the world. The race will start in Miami and end in Montego Bay, Jamaica. What are the appeals of this Montego Bay race?

  • One of the Oldest Yacht Sailing Race

The yacht sailing race is started in the 17th century. People used to sail through the world using the ship since then. The yacht is used as a kind of water sport. The Montego Bay race itself was held since 1961. It means this yacht race competition existed for years until today. People marked the Montego Bay race as one of the former yacht races in Jamaica that participated by many yacht teams around the world. Make it one of the most awaited events in the sailing event held annually in addition. The 34th edition of the Montego Bay race was held in 2019.

  • Interesting Course

The race will be started at Miami, to be exact in government cut in Miami, in which online gambling is prohibited but totally accessible in Next, the participants will go to Gulf Stream in the Northwest providence. During the course, the participants pass the Great Ishac, Great Stirrup, Long Island, Eleuthera Island and go to the tip eastern tip of Cuba to the finish line that is Montego Bay. This route needs to be finished as soon as possible and each team needs to compete with one another.

The long route can’t be finished in just in hours, the teams sometimes take 2 days to finish the route and be the winner of the competition. The winner will receive Pineapple trophy in the form of an adorable Swarovski trophy. There is also silver trophy in Seahorse for the IMS category and Arawak trophy for the PHRF category. The participants who are interested in taking participation in the event can register online and fill the online form.

  • Amazing Performances

The Montego Bay race takes the interest of many participants and you can see their amazing performance in the sea. The team needs to cooperate one to another to make the yacht stable and get the perfect direction from the wind to finish the race within the exact time.

The Montego Bay race is one of the oldest yacht competitions that offer many interesting things to see. The appeals of Montego Bay race or generally known as the Pineapple cup are it is one of the oldest yacht sailing races, having an interesting course and showing great performances from the participants.

Lady Mariposa: Winner of the IRC Pineapple Cup 34 Montego Bay Race
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Lady Mariposa: Winner of the IRC Pineapple Cup 34 Montego Bay Race

Lady Mariposa: Winner of the IRC Pineapple Cup 34 Montego Bay Race – The Pineapple Cup Montego Bay race is one of the oldest and most popular sailing or cruise races in the world. The competition was not only attended by the regional team, but many participants came from all over the world. And for the 34th Cup Pineapple competition in the IRC division, Lady Mariposa won.

– Pineapple Cup
The Pineapple Cup Montego Bay Race is a cruise ship race which is also one of the oldest offshore races on the calendar that should be fun entertainment. The race was founded in 1961 and in 2019 held the 34th race of the honorable 811-nautical mile race. The 34th race will start from Florida, Miami to Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The first event was won by the best sailors in the region and also captivated the attention of other top sailors around the world. Several divisions participated in this competition such as PHRF, IRC, Multi-Hulls, and Double-handed.

– About Lady Mariposa
Lady Mariposa Racing was designed by Ker Yacht Design and this team consists of amateur sailing teams from more than 8 different countries who have a passion for sailing. The Mariposa Team is a design and new predecessor type such as Ker 40 OD, Ker 46 ‘Tonnere’ and also Ker 43 “Ptarmigan”. This cruise ship is designed to participate in ORC and IRC racing with great design for balanced performance.

Mariposa has won several sailing or cruise races so far, such as the second in 2018 RORC Mainseries IRC Overall Race Channels, 1 in 2018 RORC Mainseries IRC Zero North Sea Race, 1 in 2018 RORC Mainseries IRC Overall Myth Malham Race and 1 in 2019 IRC Mainline Pineapple Cup Race.

– Lady Mariposa Wins 34th Pineapple Cup
Lady Mariposa: Ker 46 has won the IRC class of the Pineapple Cup Montego Bay Race beating competitors, the Volvo 70 Wizard by putting them 6 hours 4 minutes and 17 seconds ahead. Mariposa crosses the finish line in Montego Bay with 4 days 21 hours 36 minutes and 30 seconds at 08:33:05 this morning.

The Mariposa racing team with Kalle Coster as the navigator won the race by completing the 874 mile race with amazing results. The team was awarded the Silver Pineapple Cup Celebration Cup tonight and was also given the best time for the IRC race division.

What is Pineapple Cup Montego Bay Race?
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What is Pineapple Cup Montego Bay Race?

If you are interested in an offshore race, this Pineapple Cup Montego Bay Race can be a great race for you and your team to enter the race. This race is not only a prestigious offshore race, but it is a great race for all of the yachtsmen to practice and show their skills on sailing. Here is brief information about the Pineapple Cup Montego Bay race that you should know.

– About the Pineapple Cup Montego Bay Race
The Pineapple Cup Montego Bay Race is established in 1961 and kind of the oldest offshore race in the world, which should remind us on many gambling games that are oldest entertainment but can be played online now. The race is started to cross the Gulf Stream for the Northwest Providence Channel and continued to the Eastern side of the Bahamas Island Chain to the tip of Cuba toward the finish at the Montego Bay.

This ocean race is highly anticipated by all of the participants since it will be a true test for the skill of the yachtsmen around the world. And the participant considered that this ocean race can be the best in the world. In 2019, this race has entered the 34th race edition which started on Sunday, January 27th and Monday 28th January in Florida.

– The Teams of Pineapple Cup

The Pineapple Cup has some divisions on the race, including the IRC, PHRF, and Multi-Hulls. Each of the divisions also has some teams that participate in this race. On the IRC teams have Conviction: TP52, Lady Mariposa Racing: Ker 46, and also Wizard Racing. On the PHRF has Dragon Class 40, Katara: J145, Lee Overlay Partners II: Swan 60, Renegade: Santa Cruz 52, Senara Farr:395, and Sin Duda!: Santa Cruz 52. On the Multi-Hull divisions have Argo: MOD70, Chim Chim: Gunboat 62, and Moementum:Gunboat 60.

– The Results of Pineapple Cup
• 2011 – PHRF 2: Different Drummer
• 2011 – IRC2: Vela Veloce
• 2011 – IRC 1: Genuine Risk
• 2013 – PHRF: Rebecca
• 2013 – IRC: Shockwave
• 2015 – Class40: Amhas
• 2015 – PHRF: Shockwave
• 2017 – PHRF: Hermie Louise
• 2017 – IRC: Prospector
• 2019 – IRC: Lady Mariposa:Ker 46
• 2019 – PHRF: Senara
• 2019 – Multihulls: Argo
The Pineapple Cup Race is one of the oldest and prestigious offshore race which participated by the participants or yachtsmen in the worldwide. This race is not only prestigious, but it also becomes a great chance for the sailors or yachtsmen to show their skill.

Jamaica and its Pineapple Cup 2019
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Jamaica and its Pineapple Cup 2019

What first comes to your mind when talking about Jamaica? Surely, reggae music, isn’t it? However, do you know that in Jamaica there is another attraction that you need to know, which is natural beauty that is the best. Starting from the beach to the vast ocean became a reason why you have to come to the country where Bob Marley was born. Jamaica is one of the countries in the Caribbean Islands and has an area of around 10 kilometer square. In addition, it is the second largest island nation in the Caribbean after Cuba. No wonder there are many beautiful beaches with stunning natural scenery.

At present, there are not only many destinations that can be visited in Jamaica. An event is certainly interesting and cannot be missed just like that. This event is the Pineapple Cup 2019. This event is a boat race. Not an ordinary ship, which competes to get a pineapple-shaped trophy, is a cruise ship. Yes, as we know that a cruise ship is a marine vehicle made for the purpose of a cruise. Here, cruises will race to be the fastest and get the champion. Located in Montego Bay, Pineapple cup 2019 must be visited because there are so many interesting here.

It is all started in 1961. Boat racing was held decades ago, where the crew of a race that, in one team, they worked together sailed the ocean for 811 miles and all finished in Montego Bay. The winner of the first boat race was the Baldwind Escapade, chaired by M. Baldwin. At that time, the time taken was 7: 01: 08: 36. However, for the fastest record currently held by Titan 12, chaired by Tom Hill in 2005 with a travel time of 2: 10: 24: 42. Now, for 2019, will there be any new surprises from the 2019 Pineapple cup? Do not miss this precious moment. Witness firsthand this race in Montego Bay.

Speaking of Montego Bay, while enjoying boat racing that has a finish line on this beach, we can also enjoy the beautiful nature of Jamaica that is very interesting. Around Montego Bay, there is the Doctor’s Cave beach. At Doctor’s Cave Beach and Bathing Club, clear-framed white sand, calm water that some people believe is fed by mineral springs. In the early 1920s, a famous British osteopath declared that water had curative power after swimming here, a claim that helped shape the future of Montego Bay by attracting visitors from all over the world. Hotels sprang up along the coast, and the area became a hot tourist spot.

All You Need to Know About Pineapple Cup
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All You Need to Know About Pineapple Cup

Caribbean islands are well known for their pristine sea view and attractions. While travelling around them will bring a fun experience, there’s nothing like watching The Pineapple Cup in Jamaica. If you are interested in a party, here’s all you need to know about Pineapple Cup.

• What’s Pineapple Cup?
Pineapple Cup is a yacht racing competition. It’s traditionally held along the sea stretched between Miami and Montego Bay. Starting from 1961, Pineapple Cup had been held biannually without fail, growing in size every year. The date changes every year, but it’s always held around the end of January until middle February.

Both sailors and non-sailors always look forward for this championship. It is the pioneer of yacht racing competition and has been expanded into an international race, so sailors around the world hype this event. Other than that, there’s always a party on the last day of the race, held right after all contestant passed the finish line.

• Why Pineapple Cup?
The fact that there’s party already made Pineapple Cup special. But it’s not a normal party – in fact, Pineapple Cup closing party is one of the biggest party in Jamaica. There is a wide range of contestant attending this competition so many people from around the world will gather for the event.

If that’s not enough to make Pineapple Cup a big deal, let’s not skip the fact that it’s directly endorsed by So, it’s indeed a genuine tourist event – made for the lucky ones visiting around the time of the cup.

All You Need to Know About Pineapple Cup

• When’s The Party?
Who wants to miss once every two years chance to join a mega party? Maybe those who prefer peace and quiet, but if you are an avid partygoer, you are a fool to miss this event! So pack your things, circle the calendar, and book a flight on January 27th, 2019 to Jamaica!

The party itself will be held at the end of the race, which is on February 2nd, 2019. However, there are a lot of events during the whole championship. The streets will be crowded, Montego Bay will be festive – it’s truly not a time to miss.

Interested in going to Jamaica? Then you should go around the end of January 2019, because The Pineapple Cup only held once every two years! With ‘all you need to know about Pineapple Cup’, it will not be hard to get around for the mega party.

How to Participate in Montego Bay Yacht Race
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How to Participate in Montego Bay Yacht Race

Owning a yacht doesn’t mean that you only use it for parties, but you can also participate in the yacht race in Montego Bay. This race has been around for more than 50 years and lots of racers are thrilled to set a new record in this race. If you are also interested, here is how to participate in Montego Bay Yacht Race.

– Checking the Eligibility
Before you register as a racer in the Montego Bay Yacht Race, you need to understand that not all type of yacht can participate in this race. The yacht should follow some certain rules to be eligible to participate. The most important regulations that you need to fulfill is the engine and the fuel of the yacht to join this race. Another important thing is that you need to have the appropriate permission and the number of boat crews to take parts in this race.

– Making the Payment
To be able to join the race, you need to make the payment prior to registering. The entry fee should be made before the entry deadline and you need to pay $750.00.If you happen to register after the entry deadline, you need to make the additional fee of $500.00.

– Completing the Online Entry Form
After you make sure that you are eligible to join the race, you need to register yourself on the Montego Bay Yacht Race official website. In the website, you need to complete the required form, such as listing the crew members, addresses, as well as emergency contacts. You also need to attach the necessary documents and entry fee to the website.

There are several requirements that you need to fulfill when you want to participate in this race. By reading the how to participate in Montego Bay Yacht Race, you will be well prepared in the race.

Learn from the Montego Bay Yacht Race Winners before You Join the Race
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Learn from the Montego Bay Yacht Race Winners before You Join the Race

Winning the Montego Bay Yacht Race is not as easy as it seems. The racers need to pay attention to the things that will affect the race and it is impossible to win if the racers don’t have the necessary skills. If that’s the case, you need to learn from the Montego Bay Yacht Race winners before you join the race.

  • Great Teamwork with the Boat Crews
    The important key in winning the Montego Bay Yacht Race is the teamwork of all the crew members. During the race, you will encounter lots of unexpected situations and you will need to rely on each other to survive in the race. It doesn’t matter if the boat crews have different experience level, as long as you can cooperate well, you can survive in the worst situation.
  • Yacht Condition Check-up
    Another important thing that you cannot forget is to check the yacht condition before you enter the race. It is very important since you will spend some days in the sea and you cannot predict what will happen during the race. That’s why you need to make sure there is no problem with the engine and it can survive well until the finish line.
Learn from the Montego Bay Yacht Race Winners before You Join the Race
  • Weather Forecast
    Last but not least, you also need to monitor the weather forecast since it will determine how you operate the yacht. It will also be very helpful for you to prepare for the worst weather that will happen. If necessary, you need to take some precautions and train your boat crews so that they will know what to do during a certain weather.

In summary, the most important thing you need to learn from the winners before you join the race here is to have great teamwork with your own crews to conquer the wild sea.

Predicts the Winner of 2019 PineApple Cup
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Predicts the Winner of 2019 PineApple Cup

Sailing is one of activities which is not quite popular but have a strength bounds among the lovers. With many interesting sailing competition, pineapple cup is the most popular competition. Conducted from 1961, the next competition will be held in 2019 in February. It is a good time to predict the winner of 2019 pineapple cup.

The Winner of 2015 Pineapple Cup
2015 pineapple cup marks as the 32th edition of montego yacht race which has sailed across 811 nautical mile. in 2015, this competition still gains its popularity among sailors around the world. Participated more than 30 yachts, this competition finally find the winner of the Caribbean. At the 32 nd edition the route is quite different. With the common route from Jamaica, bahamas island and final point port evergrades, the route was started from Port Evergrades and the final point is in Jamaica, Montego beach.

With a beautiful sushine and fierce match, shockwave is the winner of PHRF class, while class 40 was seized by Amhas. The surprisig moment occurred when Amhas could reach the title. No one wagered Amhas as the winner of 32nd edition pineapple cup title. Mackenzie Davis, the owner of Amhas, said that he did not have any thought about winning the game and the title was an effort of the dedicated Amhas crew and

The Winner of 2017 Pineapple Cup
Having more number of the participants created a fierce competition of Pineapple cup. With big efforts and great cooperation among the crews, Prospector seized the 33th Pineapple cup edition. Paul Mac Dowell, owner of prospector, claimed that won the prestigious trophy was extraordinary. The winning party conducted in Montego yacht club which was attended by notable dignitaries like Mayor Homer Davis, Jamaican Yacht Club commodore andrew thwaites.

The Winner of 2019 Pineapple Cup, Who is the Winner?
The 34th edition of Pineapple Cup will be held in 27 January 2019. With only effective one month left, the Jamaican Yacht Club commodore invite all experienced sailor to take a part on the superb biennial event. Since the registration has opened in the end of October, the committee announce that there are 20 participants who register and ready to seize the trophy.

With 1.5 moth left, the number of participants will increase.
With 2017 winner and 2015 winner registered again, 2019 Pineapple Cup promise to show a great entertainment and the yacht will closer to one another. It seems hard to predict the winner of 2019 pineapple cup because the winner gather in a competition.

Going to Jamaica? Don’t Miss Pineapple Cup 2019
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Going to Jamaica? Don’t Miss Pineapple Cup 2019

Feeling like escaping the snowy winter for a warmer climate and festive place? Then you should go to Jamaica next January and watch The Pineapple Cup. This yacht racing event is one of Jamaican’s trademark event. So, to truly enjoy Jamaica in 2019, don’t miss Pineapple Cup 2019.

• The Pineapple Cup
If you are not very updated to yacht competition, let us fill you in. As we had hinted, The Pineapple Cup is a yacht racing competition. Starting from 1961, Pineapple Cup had been held biannually. The nearest schedule of this event is on 2019, specifically on January 27th until February 2nd.

Despite the sports unpopularity, the Pineapple Cup is one of the biggest events in Jamaica. It’s endorsed by Jamaican Tourist Board and managed by SORC, making it an official event of the country. It’s also an international event and competition, open for sailors of all seas.

• What Makes The Pineapple Cup A Big Deal
Let’s be honest – not everybody is familiar with yacht and sailing. However, the Pineapple Cup still managed to be one of the biggest events in Jamaica due to several reasons. First of all, it is an international event. So holding this event alone increases the tourist visitation for the time of the year.

Besides, it’s not just a mere race but a tradition. The competition has been held since 1961 – with similar routes and schedule. So, this event really roots to yacht sailors, making it something to look forward to once every two years.

Also, it is endorsed by Jamaican Tourist Board for a reason. On the last day of the race, there always be a huge dance and party. It’s so massive that spectator of the day will be waiting for the party as they watched the finish line. Don’t forget that it is one of the biggest events in Jamaica, so the party scale is indeed no joke.

• Be There for The Party
Party goers from definitely don’t want to miss such big party. If you are interested, the closest date is February 2nd, 2019. However, if you do plan to stay for the festivities, it’s always best to book and come before the last day.
If you want to party, then don’t miss Pineapple Cup 2019! Sure, it’s around January to February – definitely not the time popped in our mind to ‘party’. But with an event and closing party so big, it’s so hard to just miss the chance!

What you need to Prepare to Join the Montego Bay Yacht Race
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What you need to Prepare to Join the Montego Bay Yacht Race

Joining the Montego Bay Yacht Race is a dream of every sailor. However, you cannot easily take parts in this race before you complete the requirements. Here is what you need to prepare to join the Montego Bay Yacht Race.

Recruiting Crew Members
Sailing the wild sea will be impossible if you don’t have great crew members. There are lots of things needed to do to operate the yacht and selecting the crew members based on their ability is a must. To join this Montego Bay Yacht Race, you will need to have a number of crews based on the certificate you have, it can be 9 to over 14 crew members.

Another important thing that you need to prepare is the document to show that you are eligible to join the race. Not all racer can join in the race since there are some requirements to fulfill. You need to make sure that the yacht has the right to sail based on the World Sailing Special Offshore Regulation. You also need to have the right to operate the boat to enter the race.

Preparing the Yacht
After you have prepared those two important things, you cannot forget to prepare for the yacht itself. You need to make sure that the yacht is in a good condition to join the race. It will be very dangerous if you don’t know the condition of the yacht and if necessary, conduct the maintenance to make sure that there is no problem with the yacht.

Preparing the yacht as well as the boat crews are necessary for this race. You will also need to make sure that the yacht is eligible to participate in the race. Read other regulations on the official website to have the complete list of what you need to prepare to join the Montego Bay Yacht Race.

Why You Should Join the Montego Bay Yacht Race
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Why You Should Join the Montego Bay Yacht Race

Montego Bay Yacht Race or known as the Pineapple Cup is held once every two years. The participants of this race come to every corner of the world and they compete to finish the 811 nautical mile race to win the Pineapple Cup. Here are some reasons on why you should join the Montego Bay Yacht Race.

Great Place to Increase Your Skills
The first reason why you need to join this prestigious race is that you will have a great chance to increase your skills. But, what skills? There are lots of new skills that you can acquire here. The most important skills that you will master is related to the way to conquer the wild sea using your yacht. You will also have a chance to increase your leadership and teamwork skills since you will have to work with the boat crews during this race.

One of the Oldest Yacht Race for Professionals
Besides being the best place to increase your skills, this race is also the best place for the professionals. If you have participated in some other yacht races before but haven’t participated in this race, it will be an unfortunate thing for you.

The Best Place to Get to Know New People
The last reason why you need to join this race is that you will have a chance to get to socialize to other racers. You will meet new friends here and you can build new connections for your business. It will also be a good news for introverts since you can learn to communicate with new people.

Why you should join the Montego Bay Yacht Race? Of course, it’s because you will experience new adventures once in your lifetime. You will also learn a lot from this race, in terms of skills, teamwork, and also patience.

Pineapple Cup & Yacht Race In Montego Bay
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Pineapple Cup & Yacht Race In Montego Bay

What is the connection between Pineapple cup and Yacht Race In Montego Bay? The pineapple cup is the name of the award for the winner of yacht race. Every year, thousands racers join the competition. It is surely one of the most prestigious race in Cuba shorelines. Those who wish to join the competition must learn several things, though.

The History
The Pineapple Cup is not something new for the experienced racers. It was back in 1961 that the first Yacht Race held. Since then, the race takes place every other year. With this time line, 2019 will be the 34th edition. Many racers from all over the world are excited to join the competition. No wonder, each year, the winners keep trying to beat the previous winners’ record.

The Requirement
It is an obligation to register before the event, since the committee will not allow on the spot registration. The form could be downloaded from the official website. Make sure to fill the forms and send it back. After the registration, the yacht owners will get access to “owners’ corner”. Go to this page for the race updates about the rules, weather, etc.

The Route
What makes the racers keep coming back is the incredible route. The first stage of the route will take place on the Gulf Stream. It is quite bouncy, but the racers love the waves. For the second stage, the racers will sail across the Bahamas Island from Eastern side then go straight to the tip of Cuba. The last stage is technically a smooth ride; the Windward Passage.

It takes only one day to do the race, but the preparation should be done long before the race. Take a closer look at the documents for Yacht Race In Montego Bay. Taking notes from last year’s champion will also help the racer. Happy yacht racing!

Beat the Previous Records in Montego Bay Yacht Race
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Beat the Previous Records in Montego Bay Yacht Race

Montego Bay Yacht Race is one of the prestigious yacht race in the world. This yacht race has been started since 1961 and some racers have set the records for the 811 nautical mile race. Here are some incredible previous records in Montego Bay Yacht Race.

Titan 12 in 2005
Back on February 8, 2005, Titan 12 with the racer named Tom Hill successfully beat the record of the previous racers. This yacht is based on the Reichel/Pugh designed maxi boat with 75’ foot Shockwave. In this race, he can reach the finish line in only 2 days, 10 hours, 24 minutes, 42 seconds. It is a shocking record since he beats the previous record only by 13 minutes difference.

Zephyrus V in 2003
The second best record is set by Zephyrus V back in 2003. It is also a shocking record since it breaks a long-standing record by Windward Passage after 32 years. This racer of this yacht is Robert McNeil and other 17 crew members make this happen and the yacht reaches the finish line in 2 days, 23 hours, 5 minutes, 57 seconds.

Windward Passage in 1971 and 1969
Another record is set by Windward Passage in 1971 and 1969. In both periods, the racer is R. Mark Johnson and he beats his own record after his victory in 1969. The elapsed time in 1971 is 3 days, 3 hours, 40 minutes, 7 seconds, while in 1969, the elapsed time is 4 days, 10 hours, 22 minutes, 29 seconds.

Montego Bay Yacht Race is meant for the racers to enjoy the Gulf Stream. Beating the previous records in Montego Bay Yacht Race will be a precious reward for the racers, but again, you need to enjoy the race with your crew members to experience the race the most.

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