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Welcome to the Pineapple Cup - Montego Bay Race:

Save the Date:
Race Starts February 6th, 2015

Presented by Appleton Estate Rum


Recent News:

February 20, 2013
Log Awards
"Sailors tell stories.  That’s one of the best parts of a race.  When you’re warm and dry and clean and fed, sitting in the bar, still full of adrenaline, it doesn’t really matter whether the audience is fellow crew members, wide-eyed strangers, or crew from other boats who can’t wait for you to shut up so they can tell their own stories." Read more here and check out this winning vid from Donnybrook.


February 19, 2013
View from the Top


Race report by stratatician Robbie Doyle aboard Team Shockwave -
"The 2013 Jamaica Race was a true Team effort for the Shockwave crew that owner George Sakellaris and captain Reggie Cole have spent two years assembling. Despite fresh and often changing conditions sail handling went without a hitch, and the damage report was almost nil. There were two quite different theories regarding the expected weather for the race. One was a bit light at the start but very solid the rest of the way to Jamaica. Knowing Shockwave’s capabilities we definitely were thinking that beating the record set by Titan was a defnite possibility. The other forecast was for the light and variable breeze to carry on for the first 12 hours of the race. Unfortunately the latter proved to be the case. Yet, we were able to recover and had a good shot at the record, but fell 58 minutes short." Read more...

February 18, 2013
View from the Dragon
From freelance journalist Chris Museler aboard Dragon -
"...the perfect analogy for this race is doing a never ending windsurf or kitesurf downwinder in the Gorge, or off the Molokai Channel or any other long stretch of perfect ocean you have seen from the plane: pure, perfect angle, at speed, with warm water and sunshine for as long as you feel like it." Read more...

Party Pics
Here are some jammin' photos from the parties and awards night taken by Suki Kapahi. Enjoy!

Shockwave Makes
“Clean Sweep”

MONTEGO BAY, JAMAICA – After a relatively mellow light-air start, George Sakellaris’s (Framingham, Mass.) 72’ Reichel Pugh Shockwave eventually enjoyed double-digit reaching conditions to become first-to-finish, first in IRC division and first overall at the 31st biennial Pineapple Cup – Montego Bay Race Presented by Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum. The annual ocean race of 811 nautical miles started on Friday, February 8 at Florida’s Port Everglades, sending the “MoBay” fleet of ten boats--sailing in IRC and PHRF divisions--on a challenging all-points-of-sail course to Montego Bay, Jamaica.  Shockwave crossed the finish line on Sunday, February 10 with an elapsed time of two days, 11 hours, 23 minutes and two seconds, just short of the current race record that was set in 2005 by Titan 12.  Due to the favorable conditions, all of the boats had crossed the finish line by Tuesday evening, February 12, three days earlier than expected.

“This was a true team effort for the Shockwave crew that George Sakellaris and his captain Reggie Cole have spent two years assembling,” said Shockwave’s tactician Robbie Doyle (Marblehead, Mass.), adding that regular crew members Scot Gregory, Jason Carr, Peter Kingsbury and Reid Fleming deserved a great deal of credit. “Despite fresh and often changing conditions, sail handling went without a hitch, and the damage report was almost nil.”

Doyle said there were two different theories regarding the expected weather for the race. “One was that it would be light at the start but very solid the rest of the way to Jamaica,” said Doyle.  “Knowing Shockwave’s capabilities, we definitely were thinking that beating the record set by Titan was a possibility. The other forecast was for a light and variable breeze to carry on for the first 12 hours of the race, and that proved to be the case. Nevertheless, we were able to recover from that and still had a good shot at the record but fell 58 minutes short.”

Doyle added that a conservative start on starboard tack at the pin end allowed them some southerly distance before jumping into the northerly heading Gulf Stream. They sailed until they ran out of counter current and jibed to cross the stream to leeward of all but IceFire, the well regarded TP 52 entered by the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Sailing Foundation.  “We had a nice lead, but we still had 800 miles to go!”

It was one long match race for IceFire and another TP 52, Bryon Ehrhart’s (Chicago, Ill.) Lucky, butIceFire prevailed, beating Lucky by a little over two hours and taking second place on corrected time in IRC Division. (Lucky wound up in fourth place behind Stephen Murray’s Carkeek 40 Decision.)

“We were close to Lucky the entire time and it was great sailing because we were perfectly matched,” said IceFire crew member Jesse Fielding (Wickford, R.I.), adding that histeam, headed by Ralf Steiz (Kings Point, N.Y.), president of the USMMA Sailing Foundation, was promoting All American Ocean Racing, a new program that prepares sailors, age 30 and under, for offshore racing. “We had a phenomenal young American crew that included Taylor Canfield, Mark Towill, Charlie Enright, Chris Welch and Chris Branning. After passing Cuba, we were faced with some gear failure, but we rallied, kept pushing and never stopped.”

Doyle also mentioned Cuba as a memorable waypoint for Shockwave.  “Once around the tip, we set our largest, heavy air spinnaker. After a handful of rain squalls, the northeasterly breeze filled in nicely and we were off running at high speed. With former English Laser Champion Nick Bonner driving, we hit a high of 26.5 knots!”

Doyle added with a smile that while the ride on deck was exhilarating and very Caribbean (complete with a few flying fish joining them on deck), below decks was “more like Niagara Falls, and the competition was for one of the few remaining dry bunks.”

In PHRF division, Glenn Gault’s (League City, Texas) J/120 Rebecca won on corrected time. Tom Slade’s (Ponte Vedra, Fla.) Santa Cruz 52 Renegade took second, while Michael Hennessy’s (New York, N.Y.) Class 40 Dragon finished third.

“This was a good race with calms, good breeze for much of the race and a personable sea state,” said Renegade crew member Dudley Baringer.  “Events such as this weave a richness and fullness into the fabric of our lives. Recollections of these times will put a smile on this old man’s face for many years to come, God willing.”

The Pineapple Cup – Montego Bay Race presented by Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum is endorsed by the Jamaican Tourist Board and managed by the SORC. Sponsors include the Montego Bay Yacht Club, Storm Trysail Club, and Lauderdale Yacht Club. Immediately after the start, racers cross the Gulf Stream for the Northwest Providence Channel. The middle of the race offers a fetch down the eastern side of the Bahamas Island Chain toward the tip of Cuba. The final stretch is a sailor’s dream:  a 240-mile downwind sleigh ride from Cuba’s eastern tip, known as the Windward Passage, to the finish at Montego Bay.  After this year’s finish, sailors were treated to a week of fun with cocktail parties every night, steel bands, limbo dancing and other memorable displays and competitions, ending with a dinner, dance and prize giving ceremony on Friday, February 15.

For more information contact Pineapple Cup Race Coordinator Evelyn Harrington at 876-979-8469. or visit the Facebook page at

February 13, 2013
The Fleet is In
Glenn Gault’s Rebecca finished at 21:08:59 last night in time to join the tail end of the Early Bird Cocktail Party at the Montego Bay Yacht Club.  The complimentary case of Red Stripe tasted great and was a good prelude for a good night’s sleep. The crews are all cleaning up and catching up to be ready for the rest of the weeks festivities and the Friday night event to see who takes home the coveted Pineapple Cup! And now that all boats are in, don’t forget to check out the replay feature on tracking

February 12, 2013
Evening Report
Tom Slade’s Renegade finished in the afternoon breeze at 12:53:54 followed by Mackenzie Davis’ AMHAS at 13:47:49. Unfortunately for Dragon, Renegade wasn’t as far behind as they thought.  Glenn Gault’s Rebecca is within 40nm of the finish.  And although they won’t make it for Early Bird Cocktails, they should arrive before the party is over tonight. It’s been a great, fairly fast race for all.  Check the live race results to see when Rebecca gets in.  And check out the Schedule of Events to see what the crews are doing in Montego Bay.

Race Replay
Now that all IRC boats have finished, the Race Replay feature is up and running on the main tracking page.
Here are a few pointers on the replay:
1. Change the speed to 200x
2. Click the "map" box to see land
3. Go to full screen
4. Start, finish and waypoints are approximate. They shift around depending on your zoom, don't take them literally.
5. To see the race faster, zoom back and drag the bar on the bottom. If you do this, the reply defaults back to 10x speed but still shows 200x speed. Click the speed up and down to get back to 200x (quirk of the system).
6. Enjoy!

Morning Report
Mark Glimcher’s Catapult, sailed to the finish in light, warm air at 05:33:43 this morning about 13 miles ahead of Michael Hennessy’s DragonDragon was unable to catch Catapult, but not for lack of trying.  After blowing out the big kite yesterday, Dragon was using a Code 5 as a substitute running sail, but their speed was not as good. Last night Dragon hitched out to the north west to get an approach into the finish, and based on timing was able to get back about 4 of their 10 mile deficit on Catapult. When they came back together, Catapult was directly in front of them, stern light once again a tantalizing glimmer on the horizon. At daybreak, it became clear that Catapult would finish first. Tom Slade’s Renegade, however was about 50 miles behind them.  That might be just enough to secure Dragon’s victory in the PHRF class. If the wind cooperates, all sailors will be happy to make the Early Bird Cocktail Party this evening at Montego Bay Yacht Club.  Keep an eye on the fleet with race tracking.

February 11, 2013
Evening Report
George Sakellaris' Shockwave crossed the line early this morning after their 10 hour blast to the finish. Apparently the crew was happy but understandably completely wiped. Upon arriving at the club they were greeted with the traditional case (or 2) of Red Stripe and then had a quick bite and headed off for some much needed rest. James Muldoon's Donnybrook crossed the line at 03:54am, motored to the club and enjoyed the reviving qualities of Red Stripe. Ralf Steit's IceFire and Bryon Ehrhart's Lucky crossed the line with good breeze and great speed into Montego Bay at 9:44am and 11:49am respectively.  At 3:10pm the finish committee and the Jamaica Defense Force were waiting at the finish in 6 ft seas with 17 knots of breeze out of the NE.  Stephen Murray's Decision V  was on a reach heading into the Bay. At this time, Mark Glimcher's Catapult, with Michael Hennessy's Dragon close by, has just under a hundred miles left to complete the IRC fleet.

The rest of the PHRF fleet is on their last leg as Glenn Gault’s Rebecca has just rounded the eastern tip of Cuba.  Keep up with the progress with race tracking.

Photo by

Morning Report
George Sakellaris' Shockwave was first to finish last night in this 2013 Pineapple Cup – Montego Bay Race.  They had an awesome race at 2 days, 11 hours, 23 minutes and 10 seconds, though they came up short of breaking  the elapsed time record of 2 days, 10 hours, 24 minutes and 42 seconds set by Titan 12 in 2005. Donnybrook finished a few hours later.

The match racing event between Icefire and Lucky has Icefire out in front by several miles at this point. Check the live race results page and keep up with the tracking as the rest of the fleet heads for Montego Bay.

February 10, 2013
Decision Fine
The tracker on Decision was accidentally broken. The boat and crew are all fine and no outside assistance is required.
Lew - Decision

Day 2 Report
The winds were steady throughout the night building in the early morning hours.  If the breeze stays strong, this will be a fast race overall.

James Muldoon's Donnybrook, has been unable to catch George Sakellaris' 72' R/P Mini Maxi Shockwave after getting caught in the Gulf Stream during the lull yesterday.  Shockwave is currently making 17 – 18 knots on the last leg of the race.  There has been some speculation that they may break Titan 12's elapsed time record of 2 days, 10 hours, 24 minutes and 42 seconds.  If the breeze keeps up, they may have a lot to celebrate in Montego Bay.

The TP-52's, Ralf Steit's IceFire and Bryon Ehrhart's Lucky continued to match race during the night and currently Lucky holds a slim lead on Icefire, a reverse of yesterdays update.

The close match up of Stephen Murray's Decision V and Mark Glimcher's Catapult presently has Decision V out in front. Michael Hennessy’s Dragon in PHRF took a chance and went inside Cat Island hoping to get ahead.  Turned out the outside was favored and Catapult was ahead by a few miles when they passed the tip of Cat. Now it’s to catch up.

Many boats have passed the halfway mark in this 811nm race. If the strong breeze keeps up, many will make it for the Early Bird Cocktail Party on Tuesday at Montego Bay Yacht Club. Stay tuned and see if the 2005 record is broken tonight!

Record Broken?
Could this be the year that breaks Titan 12's elapsed time course record of
2 days, 10 hours, 24 minutes, 42 seconds? Currently, Shockwave is out in front and flying. Watch the race tracking to find out.

February 9, 2013
Day 2 Report
And they were off with kites flying in a warm 10 knot westerly wind that preceded the cold front tail that the big northeast storm "Nemo" was sending our way.....But not so fast!

After a mid-day start, the initial northwest wind was predicted to clock to the north/northeast and increase during the evening and early morning.  But in the late afternoon into the evening hours there was a several hour lull before the expected shift, and many of the fleet got caught with very light winds right in the middle of the gulfstream, sending them drifting to the north of the rhumb line.

George Sakellaris' 72' R/P MiniMaxi Shockwave, leading the fleet, managed to get past Great Isaac Light before being swept north by the gulfstream currents and held close to the rhumb line.  The rest of the fleet were not so fortunate, and many were caught in almost no breeze before the predicted north wind filled in.
James Muldoon's Donnybrook, Shockwave's"rival for line honors was one of the unlucky that just missed getting out of the northerly current and fell just behind.  Now they are fighting to play catch-up to the slightly smaller boat.

Following the two leaders, a duo of TP-52's, Ralf Steit's IceFire and Bryon Ehrhart's Lucky battled it out in the light winds apparently trading places during the night depending on who had the better breezes.  IceFire currently holds a very slim lead on Lucky.

In another close rating race, Stephen Murray's Decision and MarkGlimcher's Catapult were struggling in the light winds of Friday night, with Decision seeming to come out ahead according to the latest tracking info.

The fleet is now in stronger breezes and reaching toward Eleuthera Island in stable northeast winds that are predicted to increase during the next day and clock further to the east-northeast.

Stay tuned!

Ken Batzer
Race Co-Chairman

Photo by

February 8, 2013
The Race Begins
The wind was from the west at about 300 degrees for the 1 pm start of the 2013 Pineapple Cup Montego Bay Race. Of the ten boats that started, Decision was first across the line on port jibe, followed by Lucky and Donnybrook. Neither end of the line was favored, as half the fleet started on port jibe, while the other half headed south on starboard jibe hoping to catch the Gulf Stream just right as they all head for the first mark of the 811 mile race, Northeast Rock. Follow them from home with race tracking here.

February 7, 2013
Skipper's Meeting
The Pre-Race Skippers meeting this evening at the Lauderdale Yacht Club was well attended. The 10 boats are ready to race and looking forward to the trip through the islands. With predicted 7-12 kt south west winds for the 1pm start off Port Everglades, the crews are hoping to get across the Gulf Stream before the front comes through bringing 15+ knots out of the north north east. Our sponsor, Weather Routing Inc., is making forecasting available to our participants. 

As a compliment to PRO Ken Batzer, Evelyn Harrington from the Montego Bay Yacht Club joined us at LYC to disperse information on Customs and Immigration as well as the week long festivities awaiting the sailors in Montego Bay. All participants will be using Spot Tracking with Kattack to enable us all to follow along. Based on the roster, there will be some match racing going on within the race- should be fun! Tune in to see who sails fastest to Jamaica!

February 2, 2013
Hey All You Race Fans!
One of the most exciting long distance races is about to begin.  Please join us for the start of the 2013 Pineapple Cup Montego Bay race this Friday, February 8 at 1300 just south of the Port Everglades Inlet.  A fleet of 10 boats will be heading to Jamaica hoping to be the first one in their class to cross the finish line.  See you on the water! If you can't join us on the water, follow the race with our online race tracking.

January 22, 2013
Jamaica Mon
SORC is proud to bring our bi-annual event for this season’s offshore racing. We are only two weeks away from the start of the 2013 Pineapple Cup Montego Bay Race. There are 10 very competitive boats entered in this race (see the post below).  Come out and enjoy the competition and fun of racing through the Bahamas to Montego Bay. The deadline for registration is February 1, sign up here to come out and join the fun.

January 16, 2013
High Profile Competitors Prepare for the Ocean Racing Classic
The 31st biennial Pineapple Cup – Montego Bay Race Presented by Appleton Estate Rum is living up to its reputation as one of the marquee offshore sailboat races in the world by, once again, welcoming a fleet of high profile boats, both newcomers and veterans, to compete. Starting on February 8, just outside Fort Lauderdale, Florida’s Port Everglades, this ocean racing classic will take competitors on a challenging all-points-of-sail course, stretching 811 nautical miles to the legendary destination of Montego Bay, Jamaica.

“This has been called the most interesting race because you are almost never out of sight of land the whole time,” said Race Chairman Ken Batzer (Lighthouse Point, Fla.), adding that the iconic race was established in 1961 and has been running either annually or biennially ever since. The current race record was set in 2005 by Titan 12 with an impressive elapsed time of 2 days, 10 hours, 24 minutes and 42 seconds. “We have a real quality fleet once again this year and are hoping to have good weather.” Read more...

December 30, 2012
New Years Brings the Early Entry Deadline
We at SORC hope everyone had a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season.  The yearend has come upon us quickly and brings with it the early entry deadline for the 2013 Pineapple Cup Montego Bay Race. Enter by Sunday January 6, 2013 and save $200.  The competition is mounting with James Muldoon’s Andrews 80, Donnybrook and George Sakellaris’ Mini Maxi, Shockwave.  Don’t delay, sign up to come out and join the fun!

November 26, 2012
Sail On...

God Bless Arthur J. "Tuna" Wullschleger
A true friend of every sailor that ever raced.
We will miss your humor, help and friendship.

November 17, 2012
The Competition is Mounting as Boats Register for the Pineapple Cup
Brian Torreson of Torreson Marine in Michigan has entered Peerless (Melges 30): first monohull to finish the 165 mile Harvest Moon Regatta, beating a Santa Cruz 50 across the line. Marc Glimcher entered Catapult (Ker 40): first to finish and won the IRC Class Overall in the 2012 Ida Lewis distance race. Bryon Ehrhart entered Lucky (TP52): they raced Europe in 2010 and won the Rolex Middle Sea Race with First Overall. Add to that Stephen Murray’s Decision: the overall winner in the 2012 Onion Patch Series and Stuart Hebb’s Aerodyne 38 Thin Ice which holds the corrected time record from the 2005 Pineapple Cup and we have a great competition in the works. Check out the complete entry list.  Join in the completion and the party in Montego Bay in February 2013.



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Beau Geste rumbles at the start of the 2011 Pineapple Cup.
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