The Doyle Stackpack CradleCover is the world’s most popular mainsail handling system, refined through decades of use in the harshest proving ground of all – the Caribbean bareboat charter market.

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Caribbean charter fleets realized 30% longer mainsail lifespans after installing the Doyle CradleCover on their boats

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Continuous Line Trolley Zipper System
Mainsail Disappearing Act on a Lagoon 400
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Tips From the Field

Scoop Top vs. Straight?

The CradleCover system needs to work well and look great, and sometimes the “Scoop Top” option is just what you need to make it perfect.  The CradleCover covers your sail …

Nosepiece vs. Cat Front?

The CradleCover, like its predecessor the Doyle StackPack, featured a removable nosepiece that wraps around the front of the mast and zips to both vertical edges of the cover with …

Halyard Mistake!

Many sailors disconnect their halyard from the sail and shackle it to the boom, alongside the CradleCover. This causes the halyard to rub and chafe the cover, leaving scuff makes …