Nosepiece vs. Cat Front?

The CradleCover, like its predecessor the Doyle StackPack, featured a removable nosepiece that wraps around the front of the mast and zips to both vertical edges of the cover with a #10 jacket zipper.

Standard Nosepiece wraps around the front of the mast

But for boats with extensive hardware or diamondstays connecting to the mast in this area, or those with very tall luff slide stacks on their mainsail, our “Cat Front” option makes more sense. The Cat Front replaces the zipped-on nosepiece with additional construction connected to the cover edge, a front wall that encloses the front of the sail aft of the mast. A series of grommets in the innermost edge allow it to be lashed to its opposite side if the boat will be unattended for a long time, but the strong shock-cord is enough to keep the cover cinched-in snugly in front of the sail.

The Cat Front wraps around the luff of the mainsail, aft of the mast, when mast hardware gets in the way, or when the mainsail luff car stack makes zipping the nosepiece problematic.