Scoop Top vs. Straight?

The CradleCover system needs to work well and look great, and sometimes the “Scoop Top” option is just what you need to make it perfect.  The CradleCover covers your sail from the head to the folds of the flaked-up clew, but if a boat has a very tall stack of mainsail luff slides, the Scoop Top curves downward as you go back from the mast, just like the sail.  The top edge of the cover has a negative curve that reduces windage and hugs the sail better than a straight-line top.

This straight-top cover on a Lagoon 42 with a low luff-stack has no scoop, just a straight line along the top from the headboard to the clew.
The Lagoon 500 above features the Scoop Top, with an inward curve along the top to more closely match the sail profile inside the cover.