The Appeal of Montego Bay Race

The Appeal of Montego Bay Race – Have you ever heard about Montego Bay Race? People also know this race as the Pineapple cup where many yachts teams competing for one to another to fight over the Pineapple cup. There are many interesting things can you see from one of the oldest yacht races in the world. The race will start in Miami and end in Montego Bay, Jamaica. What are the appeals of this Montego Bay race?

  • One of the Oldest Yacht Sailing Race

The yacht sailing race is started in the 17th century. People used to sail through the world using the ship since then. The yacht is used as a kind of water sport. The Montego Bay race itself was held since 1961. It means this yacht race competition existed for years until today. People marked the Montego Bay race as one of the former yacht races in Jamaica that participated by many yacht teams around the world. Make it one of the most awaited events in the sailing event held annually in addition. The 34th edition of the Montego Bay race was held in 2019.

  • Interesting Course

The race will be started at Miami, to be exact in government cut in Miami, in which online gambling is prohibited but totally accessible in . Next, the participants will go to Gulf Stream in the Northwest providence. During the course, the participants pass the Great Ishac, Great Stirrup, Long Island, Eleuthera Island and go to the tip eastern tip of Cuba to the finish line that is Montego Bay. This route needs to be finished as soon as possible and each team needs to compete with one another.

The long route can’t be finished in just in hours, the teams sometimes take 2 days to finish the route and be the winner of the competition. The winner will receive Pineapple trophy in the form of an adorable Swarovski trophy. There is also silver trophy in Seahorse for the IMS category and Arawak trophy for the PHRF category. The participants who are interested in taking participation in the event can register online and fill the online form.

  • Amazing Performances

The Montego Bay race takes the interest of many participants and you can see their amazing performance in the sea. The team needs to cooperate one to another to make the yacht stable and get the perfect direction from the wind to finish the race within the exact time.

The Montego Bay race is one of the oldest yacht competitions that offer many interesting things to see. The appeals of Montego Bay race or generally known as the Pineapple cup are it is one of the oldest yacht sailing races, having an interesting course and showing great performances from the participants.

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