The Pineapple Cup

Going to Jamaica? Don’t Miss Pineapple Cup 2019

Feeling like escaping the snowy winter for a warmer climate and festive place? Then you should go to Jamaica next January and watch The Pineapple Cup. This yacht racing event is one of Jamaican’s trademark event. So, to truly enjoy Jamaica in 2019, don’t miss Pineapple Cup 2019.

• The Pineapple Cup
If you are not very updated to yacht competition, let us fill you in. As we had hinted, The Pineapple Cup is a yacht racing competition. Starting from 1961, Pineapple Cup had been held biannually. The nearest schedule of this event is on 2019, specifically on January 27th until February 2nd.

Despite the sports unpopularity, the Pineapple Cup is one of the biggest events in Jamaica. It’s endorsed by Jamaican Tourist Board and managed by SORC, making it an official event of the country. It’s also an international event and competition, open for sailors of all seas.

• What Makes The Pineapple Cup A Big Deal
Let’s be honest – not everybody is familiar with yacht and sailing. However, the Pineapple Cup still managed to be one of the biggest events in Jamaica due to several reasons. First of all, it is an international event. So holding this event alone increases the tourist visitation for the time of the year.

Besides, it’s not just a mere race but a tradition. The competition has been held since 1961 – with similar routes and schedule. So, this event really roots to yacht sailors, making it something to look forward to once every two years.

Also, it is endorsed by Jamaican Tourist Board for a reason. On the last day of the race, there always be a huge dance and party. It’s so massive that spectator of the day will be waiting for the party as they watched the finish line. Don’t forget that it is one of the biggest events in Jamaica, so the party scale is indeed no joke.

• Be There for The Party
Party goers from definitely don’t want to miss such big party. If you are interested, the closest date is February 2nd, 2019. However, if you do plan to stay for the festivities, it’s always best to book and come before the last day.
If you want to party, then don’t miss Pineapple Cup 2019! Sure, it’s around January to February – definitely not the time popped in our mind to ‘party’. But with an event and closing party so big, it’s so hard to just miss the chance!

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