Predicts the Winner of 2019 PineApple Cup

Predicts the Winner of 2019 PineApple Cup

Sailing is one of activities which is not quite popular but have a strength bounds among the lovers. With many interesting sailing competition, pineapple cup is the most popular competition. Conducted from 1961, the next competition will be held in 2019 in February. It is a good time to predict the winner of 2019 pineapple cup.

The Winner of 2015 Pineapple Cup
2015 pineapple cup marks as the 32th edition of montego yacht race which has sailed across 811 nautical mile. in 2015, this competition still gains its popularity among sailors around the world. Participated more than 30 yachts, this competition finally find the winner of the Caribbean. At the 32 nd edition the route is quite different. With the common route from Jamaica, bahamas island and final point port evergrades, the route was started from Port Evergrades and the final point is in Jamaica, Montego beach.

With a beautiful sushine and fierce match, shockwave is the winner of PHRF class, while class 40 was seized by Amhas. The surprisig moment occurred when Amhas could reach the title. No one wagered Amhas as the winner of 32nd edition pineapple cup title. Mackenzie Davis, the owner of Amhas, said that he did not have any thought about winning the game and the title was an effort of the dedicated Amhas crew and

The Winner of 2017 Pineapple Cup
Having more number of the participants created a fierce competition of Pineapple cup. With big efforts and great cooperation among the crews, Prospector seized the 33th Pineapple cup edition. Paul Mac Dowell, owner of prospector, claimed that won the prestigious trophy was extraordinary. The winning party conducted in Montego yacht club which was attended by notable dignitaries like Mayor Homer Davis, Jamaican Yacht Club commodore andrew thwaites.

The Winner of 2019 Pineapple Cup, Who is the Winner?
The 34th edition of Pineapple Cup will be held in 27 January 2019. With only effective one month left, the Jamaican Yacht Club commodore invite all experienced sailor to take a part on the superb biennial event. Since the registration has opened in the end of October, the committee announce that there are 20 participants who register and ready to seize the trophy.

With 1.5 moth left, the number of participants will increase.
With 2017 winner and 2015 winner registered again, 2019 Pineapple Cup promise to show a great entertainment and the yacht will closer to one another. It seems hard to predict the winner of 2019 pineapple cup because the winner gather in a competition.

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